Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Taree Veterinary Hospital in Taree! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Rob Brudar

Veterinarian - Partner

Rob graduated from Melbourne University in 1998. After a 12 month stint in dairy practice in Gippsland, Victoria he moved to Taree in 1999. Here he fell in love with the Manning Valley, and stayed in the area. Rob bought into the business in 2006 when the new practice had been built.

Rob enjoys all aspects of veterinary life, and loves the flexibility required to work with all the different species. He loves a challenge and making a difference for the patient and clients. In his spare time Rob loves spending time with his family, surfing and fishing. Rob really loves the Taree community and is here to stay.

Stuart Knox

Veterinarian - Partner

Stuart graduated from Sydney University in 1987, he has worked in the Hunter Valley, Adelaide Hills and the United Kingdom before buying into the Taree Veterinary Hospital 25 years ago.
Stuart has many veterinary interests, ranging from bovine embryo transfer, cattle and horse reproduction and small animal orthopaedics and surgery.
In his spare time Stuart enjoys fishing, surfing and playing golf.

Donald Hood

Veterinarian - Partner

Donald graduated from Glascow University in 1985, and worked all around the United Kingdom in both large and small animal practice before migrating to Australia 27 years ago. Don became a partner 20 years ago at Taree Veterinary Hospital. He has a keen interest in all areas of mixed practice with a particular interest in small animal medicine and surgery. He also enjoys diagnostic ultrasound, radiology and pathology.
In his spare time Don enjoys playing soccer, gardening and is recently a new author.

Ren Barnier


Ren graduated from Sydney University in 2008, and started working at Taree Veterinary Hospital soon after. She has also spent 12 months working across the United Kingdom but returned again. Originally Ren enjoyed the rigours of mixed practice before being injured in the line of duty last year. She has now retired from large animal work and now resides within the hospital, where she performs small animal medicine and surgical cases.

Bree Maloney


Bree graduated from CSU, Wagga in 2016 and started her career at Taree Veterinary Hospital. Bree is enjoying mixed animal practice and particularly enjoys her large animal work. In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, competing in camp drafting.

Sarah Jones


Sarah graduated from the University of Sydney in 2013, and started work at Taree Veterinary Hospital initially working in mixed animal practice. After a break and travel for 12 months Sarah returned and is currently working in a part time role performing small animal duties in the hospital. She particularly enjoys small animal surgery.
In her spare time Sarah enjoys being with her family, and walking her dog. She also likes running and keeping fit.

Sally Henshaw

Vet Nurse

Sally has been working at Taree Veterinary Hospital since 2003, and is a dedicated nurse who enjoys all aspects of her job, particularly surgical nursing and anaesthesia. Sally also teaches trainee vet nurses who often go onto to work for us.

Taren Gleeson

Vet Nurse

Taren is working with Taree Veterinary Hospital whilst undergoing her studies through TAFE. She has almost completed her training and enjoys all aspects of vet nursing. In her spare time she enjoys horse and motorbike riding.

Lauren McMahon

Vet Nurse

Lauren started work at Taree Veterinary Hospital in 2013. She loves working with all animals. She has a particular interest in equine radiology and often helps the vets with this procedure. In her spare time Lauren loves horse riding and spending time with family.

Kirra Young

Vet Nurse

Kirra started working at Taree Veterinary Hospital in 2006. Kirra particularly enjoys helping with surgery, and loves helping to make a difference to the animals and their owners. In her spare time she loves horse riding, competing in camp drafting, and is busy raising her family with her husband.

Sharie Grace

Vet Nurse

Sharie has been working with us since 2010. Her particular interests are small animal and equine work. She worked for many years as a track rider at the Taree Race track, and is an excellent horse handler. In her spare time she enjoys riding her own horses, breeding horses and spending time with the family.

Nerida Woods

Vet Nurse

Nerida has been with Taree Veterinary Hospital for the last four years. She is involved with all aspects of nursing. In her spare time Nerida and her family breed and race Greyhounds.

Tori Odlum

Veterinary Receptionist

Tori has been at Taree Veterinary Hospital since 1995. She is a fully qualified nurse but works solely in reception now. She has been running puppy preschool for 18 years. She loves seeing these puppy graduates continue to come back over the years, and observing their transformation from pup to senior dog. It is very rewarding for her. In her spare time she loves camping, and four wheel driving with her family and also is a passionate dancer and teaches Zumba and tap dancing.

April Walsh

Vet Nurse/Receptionist

April started at Taree Veterinary Hospital in 2004. She is a qualified vet nurse but works mainly in reception. She does help with bovine embryo transfer and really enjoys large animal nursing. In her spare time she is raising her young family with her partner and also has a small farm where she runs beef cattle.

Tina Collins


Tina started with Taree Veterinary Hospital in 2015. She brings her receptionist skills from Taree Diagnostic Imaging. She was also a member of FAWNA and helped rehabilitate many native animals over the years. She loves spending time with her family and pets.

Linley White

Vet Nurse/Receptionist

Linley started at Taree Veterinary Hospital with Stuart in 1993. She is a qualified vet nurse but now works as a receptionist and book keeper. She has experience in small and large animal nursing. In her spare time she runs her farm and loves horse riding, competing in camp drafting and team penning.

Letitia Watson

Vet Nurse

Letitia started at Taree Veterinary Hospital in 2017. She started her career in Wingham in 1993 with John Dooley, so brings a great deal of experience to our team. She loves all aspects of nursing and also performs dog grooming 3 days a week. She works from home and also at the Taree Vet Hospital one day per week. In her spare time Letitia enjoys time with her young family and looking after her horses.

Jenni Christie

Vet Receptionist

Jenni has worked at Taree Veterinary Hospital since 2005 and works in reception. Jenny breeds dogs from home, and this includes Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Poodles and Pugs. Her husband also breeds birds, mainly budgies.