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Many native animals become ill and are found by the public every year. Many more are injured on the roads each year. The lucky ones are brought into Taree Veterinary Hospital for care and attention.

The staff at Taree Veterinary Hospital help all Australian native animals no matter what their size, – koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, possums, echidnas, wombats, birds, snakes and lizards… In the last couple of years Stuart and Don have both been involved with whale rescues at Crowdy Bay.


There are many koalas on the mid north coast of NSW. Unfortunately, many are injured on the roads. Luckily some find their way to Koalas In Care, a licensed volunteer organisation who care for the koalas until they recover from their injuries.

Vet Donald Hood is the patron for this organisation and treats many of the sick and injured koalas.


Snakes can be a common sight in rural Australia and unfortunately many are injured on Australian roads each year.

Care must be taken when handling snakes as some are extremely poisonous and like many animals can become aggressive if injured or if they feel threatened.

A number of local snake handlers occasionally bring snakes into the Taree Veterinary Hospital for treatment.


In the case of an emergency or to make an appointment phone our 24 hour contact number:
Call: 02-6552-2633